Tattoos have a rich history of tradition and ritual, but through tribal connections and rites of passage, Borneo Tattoos perhaps even more so. Here it has always played an important role in rituals and signified connections to clans or societies. The adolescent Dayak for instance, ready to venture into the jungle with only his blowpipe […]

Bario rice is premium staple food, which is surely the best in the region. Bario rice is named after the Sarawakian highlands where it is cultivated. The Bario Highlands has rich, fertile soil, temperate weather and ample access to water an irrigation, which makes for a mineral and vitamin rich rice that is sweeter than […]

In ancient Borneo the coconut palm was once considered the Tree of Life. The go-to tree that provided income, food and a source of material for construction of houses and the weaving of everyday items. The entire coconut palm can be used. The trunk, roots and leaves, plus the functional fruit. The fruit itself is a small […]

Sukau Rainforest Lodge is located on the Kinabatangan River, which at 560km long, is Sabah’s longest river. The Kinabatangan River’s floodplain is amongst the most wondrous places in north Borneo and Sukau Rainforest Lodge offers visitors a change to experience its splendour first hand. Waking up at Sukau Rainforest Lodge An incredible habitat, the Kinabatangan […]

Pesta Nukenan (Nukenan Festival) in the Kelabit Highlands of Sarawak, Borneo is gaining popularity as it grows in size each year. A showcase and celebration of the indigenous Kelabit people’s food, wild fruits and traditional games, the Nukenan Festival started out 7 years as a very small exhibition. Each year, through experience gained from the […]

Wedding door gifts are small, but memorable trinkets that can remind you of a couple’s big day years down the road. It was with this in mind that just over a year ago, Rustic Borneo was given the opportunity to take charge of a friends of our’s wedding door gifts. We were excited to introduce […]

Isn’t it interesting how just a simple change of dining style can illuminate your mood for an entire weekend? We had an encounter with a Borneo style tropical dining set, creatively made with care in Kalimantan in the southern part of the island, which did exactly that. With the help of stylish Borneo handicraft, our […]

Christmas holidays are an occasion for Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus. In Sabah, and even other parts of Malaysia, many people, even if they are not Christian, participate in the acts of gift giving,  preparing special meals and decorating their homes with Christmas cheer. Perhaps the season is so inclusive because the Christmas Holidays […]

Rustic Borneo actually came to be during my involvement working with a NGO at the northern part of Borneo near Kudat. I had the intention of using it as a vehicle to help eliminate poverty amongst the local community and help build their economic capacity by making their handicraft accessible to the world. My methodology […]

In the Malaysian state of Sabah, on Borneo’s east coast is the Kinabatangan River – a river whose district has one of the world’s richest ecosystems. The main attraction here, the reason you come here, is the river cruises on Kinabatangan River. The wildlife in this area is amazing and if you are lucky you […]