The Chinese  Year of the Horse draws to a close tonight as the new Year of the Goat is heralded and celebrated when the  calender flips to 19 February at midnight. Welcome the Year of the Wooden Goat The goat is the 8th sign in the Chinese Zodiac, a sign that can also be interpreted […]

The KK Waterfront is, as you walk down from Oceanus Mall, the next stop on our Free Kota Kinabalu City Map and is arguably the heartbeat of Kota Kinabalu’s nightlife. Find it on our map grid at P9. During the day The KK Waterfront is hot and relatively quiet, but towards later afternoon, as the […]

Oceanus Waterfront Mall Kota Kinabalu quietly opened December 2014. It lies on a prime piece of waterfront realestate fronting the city, with Gaya Island and the marine park greeting visitors to this centre. Immediately adjacent Anjung Senja that we wrote about previously, Oceanus Waterfront Mall is to be found on our Free Map of Kota […]

Anjung Senja is on the Kota Kinabalu waterfront promenade, tucked away in a corner to the south of the city’s waterfront area, which on Rustic Borneo’s Free City Map is to the far right of Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen. Originally established to accommodate displaced vendors from the nearby bus terminal some 4-or-so years ago when […]

Even though the locals in Kota Kinabalu are exceptionally friendly and anyone you pass on the street is usually happy to help with directions, it’s always handy to have some local knowledge in the form a free Kota Kinabalu City Map. Rustic Borneo, as your experts on the ground here in Sabah, Borneo have packaged all you need to know […]

Rustic Borneo’s Dutch intern, Esther Schotanus, have been hard at work getting to know her temporary new home, Sabah.  Recently she took to the rural areas outside of Kota Kinabalu, called Donggongon in Penampang, for her first unadulterated experience of local life. Here’s what she had to say: “The thing that makes my stay here Borneo so […]

The colourful Gaya Street Sunday Market is a once-a-week must-visit for anybody who finds themselves in Kota Kinabalu on a Sunday morning. From long before sunrise, traders gather along Kota Kinabalu’s historic Gaya Street to set up their stalls for the day’s market, which is one of Kota Kinabalu’s busiest Sunday attractions. When trading officially […]

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While it’s relatively easy to find free WiFi spots throughout the state at places like Starbucks or your hotel lobby, it’s still handy to know who has the best Prepaid SIM for Internet Data in Sabah, Borneo in places outside cities and the bigger towns. If you’re not visiting Borneo to ‘get away from it all’, worry not, Rustic Borneo […]

Borneo pygmy elephants are on top of the list of must-see wild animals for every wildlife enthusiast keen on a jungle safari in Sabah, Borneo. Borneo pygmy elephants are distinct in their appearance as the smallest of the Asian elephants with larger ears, longer tails and straighter tusks. Perhaps because they are quite tame and passive, Borneo pygmy elephants were […]