Looking for an interesting place to sight-see and do your shopping? Head down to Tamu Donggongon and experience a culturally-imbued open air marketplace that is unlike any other!

The tamu, which is a local term for open air market, is usually a weekly happening for every district in Sabah. In Donggongon township, the tamu takes place every Thursday and Friday at the tamu ground from as early as 6am to around 6pm.

Located circa 15 – 20 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu city centre, Tamu Donggongon is a little treasure waiting to be explored. Offering a whole lot of merchandise, ranging from local delicacies and handicrafts to fresh vegetable produces and livestock, the Tamu Donggongon is a trade centre that is unique to the Penampang district.

Enjoy a colourful sight and sound of people going about their buying and selling activities. Get to know a local vendor and try something exotic for a change – like eating a live butod (sago worm), which is considered to be a highly prized local delicacy. Love wine? Take a sip of the lihing (local rice wine) or the montoku (distilled rice wine). Just make sure you’re not driving afterwards.

Mingle with the friendly locals and learn more about the local Penampang dialect, Sabah is unique like that. In the meantime, brush up on your haggling skills in getting the best bargains in rare merchandise, such as the gong and other traditional musical instruments. Also, check out the traditional herbs which the locals use in cooking.  Do try some local cuisines like the bambangan (pickled wild mango) and nonsom sada (pickled fish) too!

Other than being a local trade centre, the Tamu Donggongon has long become a sociocultural icon throughout generations – connecting people as a social marketplace as well as being a cultural hub. If you’re looking for a place to get good bargains, meet new local friends and learn more about the Penampang Kadazan culture; there’s no better place to start than the Tamu Donggongon.

You can experience Tamu Donggongon when you sign up for our Kota Kinabalu Food & City tour (Thursday & Friday tours only).

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