Rustic Borneo Sustainability Policy

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Rustic Borneo is currently working with Travelife to obtain our sustainability certification. In the journey of becoming a Travelife-certified company, we have enforced a new policy both for our staff and our partners to act as a guideline to help us achieve our sustainability goal and help make Borneo a great eco-destination for our guests.


To be the first tour company in Borneo to offer authentic rustic-themed ecotourism packages to worldwide travelers looking to get a sneak peek of life in Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia and even Southeast Asia.

Our Mission

To deliver high-quality products that will inspire responsible tourism and help boost local socio-economy.


As a tour agency based in Sabah, Borneo, the beautiful nature, and the warm hospitable people are two of our greatest assets. Therefore, it is our responsibility as a tourism team player to help preserve Sabah’s natural beauty and contributing to the livelihood of the local community.

We strive to be a travel agency that is committed to integrity, stewardship, and continuous improvement in both our services and our contribution to society.

Important Issues

We aim to use our platform as a tour agency to create awareness regarding important environmental issues in Sabah such as deforestation, illegal hunting of wildlife, ocean pollution and youth emigration due to limited job opportunities.

Our Commitments & Objectives

We commit to conducting our tours in a manner that is a balance of being environmentally and financially feasible for the company and our stakeholders.

We are committed to making conscious and informed choices that benefit the environment, which include but are not limited to cutting back on our plastic bag usage, encouraging our staff to bring their own reusable container for takeouts, taking measures to save water and electricity in the office and recycling paper.

We are also committed to supporting the local socio-economy by giving priorities to small and medium enterprise local suppliers, providing necessary training and employment opportunities for local youths and interns, and procuring locally-derived products and handicrafts that are made by local artisans.

Nonetheless, through our principal of utilizing the local community capacity building; we are committed in gender equality. We do not employ children below eighteen and prohibits the use of child labor and forced or compulsory labor at all its units. No employee is made to work against his/her will or work as bonded/forced labor, we are against commercial exploitation, particularly children and adolescents, including sexual exploitation.

On top of that, we encourage our suppliers to make conscious and informed choices that are environmentally sustainable, in line with our overall sustainability commitment.


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