One of the most outstanding pieces of architecture in Sabah is none other than the State Mosque. With its majestic dome and stunning gold inlay motifs, the mosque sits a stone’s throw away from the city centre, it is a unique combination of prevailing Islamic architecture and contemporary design.

The mosque can accommodate up to 5,000 worshipers at one time. There is also a special balcony exclusively allocated for Muslim women during prayer time, with room for up to 500. Visitors are advised to adhere by the dress code when visiting places of worship. Avoid visiting on Fridays which is the day of prayer for Muslims.

General Rules while at the Mosque:

  1. All tourist are required to enter from the front entrance or the main entrance (not at the back or side door) for safety of their belongings.
  2. Tourists / Tourist guides must report to the Security Officer/Information Officer prior to entering the mosque. Tourists are NOT allowed to enter the mosque without permission from the officers mentioned above.
  3. All tourists / tourist guide must be properly dressed ie. no shorts for men.
  4. Women are required to wear loose and fully covered clothing and head covering.
  5. All shoes must be removed and left on the stair case, in front of the security guard post.
  6. Tourists are required to be silent inside the mosque.

The Sabah State Mosque is included as one of the destinations when you book our private city tour. Get in touch with us to book your private tour!

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