On your way to Kinabalu Park, just before the Kundasang Town, you will come across a quaint little market with a giant pineapple landmark just at by the side of the road. This market is known as Pekan Nabalu.

Located 12km before Kinabalu National Park, Pekan Nabalu is the last market township in the district of Kota Belud before entering the Ranau district. Pekan Nabalu is characterized by several rows of open air markets selling fruits, vegetables and flowers, as well as a longhouse market where vendors sell merchandise such as Sabah souvenir t-shirts, beaded handicrafts, musical instruments and many more.

Since there are lots of vendors selling typically the same range of products, you can spend hours browsing through each booth to select the best merchandise you like at the best price you can haggle for!

Renowned for its fresh fruits and vegetables, Pekan Nabalu is also an excellent place for you to stock up on your greens. Unlike most vegetables and fruits that you find in supermarkets, the fruits and vegetables at Pekan Nabalu are mainly organically grown, therefore, there are healthier and pesticide free.

In addition to that, you can also find a wide range of local produce such as local keropoks (crackers), local wild honey and fermented foodstuff such as bosou (fermented fish with rice), tuhau (fermented wild ginger), bambangan (fermented wild mango), serunding tuhau (dried wild ginger) and many more!

Pekan Nabalu platform
Behind the marketplace, there is also a platform where you can enjoy a clear view of Mount Kinabalu. Given good weather, you will be able to see all cracks and crevices on Mount Kinabalu once the shrouding mist has dissipated. Normally, the time around 9 to 10am will be a great time for a photo session with the mountain in the background.

For a better view of the town and its surroundings, you can always hike up to the top of the 15-meter watch tower and take great photos from there!