Family holiday in Sabah is always a grand affair! There is something for absolutely everyone–whether it’s an island vacation, a camping trip in the jungle or a relaxing weekend at the countryside, we’ve got you covered. Here are six great places in Sabah to go on a family vacation in Sabah:

Kiram's Village

1. Kiram’s Village Cabin, Mesilau Kundasang

With its spring-like weather all year round and tranquil surrounding, Kundasang is a perfect place to visit for a respite from the busy city life and the scorching tropical heat. With six quaint wooden cabins named after vegetables and fruit—Broccoli, Carrot, Chili & Onion, Celery & Tomato, Cabbage and Strawberry — Kiram’s Village Cabin can accommodate both large families and small ones.

The cabins are all equipped with basic holiday necessities such as kitchen utensils, BBQ pits and even cable TV. Apart from that, the rates offered are also very reasonable. Excellent for a budget-friendly fun-filled family holiday!

Sepilok Jungle Resort

2. Sepilok Jungle Resort, Sandakan

Dreaming of a tropical holiday with your family in a place surrounded by lush greenery and wildlife? Pack your bag as we’re going to Sepilok. Famous for its ‘wild man of Borneo’, Sepilok attracts many tourists each year who are drawn by the endearing antics of the orangutan. While you’re here, you can opt to stay at the Sepilok Jungle Resort and enjoy the best of Sabah’s tropical jungle.

In addition to reasonable rates, Sepilok Jungle Resort is also equipped with cozy cafes, swimming pools, convention halls, restaurants, a gym and a camping site for you and your clan to do a myriad of exciting activities.

Hibiscus Villa

3. Hibiscus Villa, Kudat

For a more luxurious family holiday like that of a high-class celebrity, the only place to be is Hibiscus Villa in Kudat.

Perched on a sprawling 2.5-acre tropical garden, the villa overlooks a stretch of white sandy beach, topped with the clear azure waters of the South China Sea. A beautifully designed Balinese architecture masterpiece, it is equipped with an 18-meter long infinity pool, a leisure area with cable TV and a tasteful assortment of DVDs and books, four bedrooms and two gazebos for you and your family to chill out or have a garden barbecue at. The villa also offers laundry and maid services for its guests.

Maranjak Longhouse

4. Maranjak Longhouse Lodge, Matunggong

If you’re planning on a fun and educational family vacation, why not participate in a homestay program?

Located in Kampung Bavanggazo, Matunggong—40 kilometers from Kudat town—Maranjak Longhouse Lodge (formerly known as Maranjak Homestay) provides a cultural exposure into the life of the Rungus people, the indigenous people of Kudat, who still live in bamboo-made longhouses.

Book a stay for the rest of the family and get a taste of Rungus delicacies, explore the verdant Kudat surroundings, learn to make traditional handicrafts and participate in numerous interesting activities together with the locals. It will provide your kids with a chance to meet to friends too.

Langkah Syabas

5. Langkah Syabas Beach Resort, Kinarut

Less than 30 minutes away from the city centre of Kota Kinabalu lies the idyllic Langkah Syabas Beach Resort which offers a wonderful beach vacation destination for a family retreat. Play sandcastle games with the kids or simply laze by the poolside with a good book, either way is fun.

When the kids are already tucked in bed, you and your partner might want to enjoy a glass of wine or two, complemented with the resort’s homemade cheese. On Sunday, gather the whole family for a sumptuous Sunday roast buffet lunch and savour hearty servings of traditional roasts, Yorkshire pudding and baked potatoes.

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