Monsopiad was a brave and honoured headhunting warrior, known for his heroic deeds and fearless ways. Today, his name lives on at the Monsopiad Cultural Village, which is built on the very land where the famous warrior and his people roamed some three centuries ago.

Established by Monsopiad’s descendants in 1996, the village is cultural and historical landmark located in Kampung Kuai Kandazon, Penampang – approximately 20-minute drive away from Kota Kinabalu). The warm and friendly staffs, dressed in traditional garb, greet you as you walk through the gates. This sprawling 5-acre establishment offers visitors an interactive experience and fascinating insight into the daily lives and traditional beliefs of the  KadazanDusun people.

Within the grounds, visit the various traditional houses- complete with bamboo floors, rattan roofs and nibong walls – where native elders will share stories and legends of Monsopiad. In another house, skilled craftspeople are hard at work weaving, beading and sculpting. Have a go at traditional sports and games; pick up a slingshot and take aim! Or race against each other as you precariously balance on two coconut shells beneath each foot. Sounds odd? Give it a go and we guarantee you a great time!

Monsopiad Cultural Village
The cultural village also gives you a glimpse of a paddy field and the customary harvesting tools used. In the herbal garden and nursery visitors can learn about the different types of herbs used for medicinal purposes as well as for adding flavour to your favourite dish. You can also opt to learn how to whip up local delicacies during the cooking lessons (prior arrangement required). To top off your visit, there will also be cultural shows which are scheduled at 9am, 11am, 2pm and 4pm daily.

One of the main attractions of the Monsopiad Cultural Village is the House of the Skulls.  Located across the road from the main building, the House of the Skulls is home to several headhunting trophies, eerily lined up along the ceiling. The walls are adorned with photos of famous bobohizan and bobolian (native female and male clerics), who play essential roles during rituals and prayers. The house also carries paraphernalia used during native rituals, accompanied by brief descriptions to explain their origin and purpose.

Before you leave, be sure to visit the souvenir shop or have your photo taken in a traditional l costume of your choice. Guided tours are available, and each tour ends with cultural performances for your entertainment. The village also caters for private functions (weddings, parties etc.) for up to 150 people. If you’re interested to visit the Monsopiad Cultural Village, do get in touch with us!

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