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The Rustic Borneo Expert Team

Peter Stenberg

Peter Stenberg, Rustic Borneo Travel, Director
Peter Stenberg

Hailing from Denmark and having called Sabah home for moren than 12 years, Peter cites the warm Sabahan hospitality, eclectic food and breathtaking Sabah sceneries as part of the reasons he’s decided to stay on. As the Managing Director of Rustic Borneo, Peter spearheads the sales and marketing affairs in the company. Speaking four languages: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English. You can get in touch directly with Peter on Skype at rusticborneo.kk1 or email him at

Melissa Alut Lim

Melissa Lim, Rustic Borneo, Director
Melissa Alut Lim

An eco-tourism enthusiast and local community activist at heart, Melissa is a certified local nature tour guide (Green Badge) since 2011. Melissa is also a Borneo Crafts lover; she runs a handicraft activities that engages the rural community by giving them innovative ideas to produce ethnic products by utilizing natural resources. She is also passionate in exposing Borneo’s ethnic product to the international market. Being fluent in four languages (Malay, Indonesian, English and Mandarin), Melissa hopes to raise more awareness amongst travelers and locals alike on the richness of Sabah’s flora and fauna. Get in touch with Melissa on Skype at rusticborneo.kk3 or email to

Joe Bonaventure Matius

Joe Bonaventure, Rustic Borneo Travel, Business Development Manager
Joe Bonaventure Matius

A guy with a cool and laidback personality, Joe is an outdoorsy person who loves exploring Borneo’s outback. His love for the outdoors have brought Joe to some of the toughest jungle trekking trails in Sabah, such as Mount Kinabalu, the Crocker Range and Maliau Basin. With extensive experience in the local travel industry, Joe is the best person to ask for advice when planning to go on a nature adventure. Joe speaks fluent Malay, Indonesian, Kadazan-Dusun and English. Skype him at rusticborneo.kk2 or email him at


Amelia Robert

Amelia Robert

A girl with a friendly and exuberant personality, Amelia loves photography, arts, music and tweaking gadgets. As a young girl, she has always been intrigued by what she might create and she is curious about the physical world around her which, helped her grew strong and confident. Today, as a young woman, she is excited about creating magic at her workplace and make it come to life. In her free time, she enjoys taking her friend’s dog, Asa, for a walk in the park or at the Tanjung Aru beach under the sunshine. Amelia speaks fluent English and Malay. Skype her at rusticborneo.kk13.amelia or email her at

Lotte Petersen

Lotte Petersen

Having lived in Malaysia for 12 years, this mother of two has travelled all over Malaysia and the rest of South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand with her family. Even though now living in Denmark, Malaysia will always be her second home. The endless possibilities for diving, experiencing nature and wildlife and, last but not least, the diversity of the friendly Malaysians has gotten under her skin. Lotte is fluent English and Danish, and she also speaks some Malay, German and French. Email Lotte at

Katarina Andersen

Katarina Andersen

Hailing from Sweden, Katarina has been living in Sabah, Borneo for more than seven years where she has grown to love the sunny climate and the challenging trails. In her free time, this active mother of two enjoys running, going to the gym and working out with the Warrior Bootcamp KK. You can certainly tell of Katarina’s active lifestyle from the golden tan on her skin. When she isn’t busy being active, Katarina also enjoys cooking, baking and spending time with her two athletic children. Speaking fluent English and Swedish, Katarina is reachable at

Elgy Jani

Elgy Jani

Elgy is an easygoing and charming young man who always has a friendly smile on his face. The very epitome of Sabahan hospitality, Elgy has been working in the tourism line for many years and he is truly passionate about sharing the beauty of his backyard with other travelers. A former tourist guide, Elgy also knows quite a bit about the night scenes in KK, therefore, ask him where to get a good drink around the city and he will gladly share. Elgy speaks Malay and English and is reachable via Skype at live:elgyrustic or via email at

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