Thanks to the her eclectic melting pot of culture, Sabah is as much a food haven as it is a nature haven! If this is your first time coming to Sabah, check out this list of some of the food to try out while you’re here! Ngiu Chap Be sure to try the famous ngiu […]

Every once in a while, everyone needs to break away from civilization and delve into the thrilling world of magnificent trees, majestic mountains and sometimes, creepy crawlies for a refreshing jungle trekking expedition. Luckily for us, Sabah is blessed with an abundance of trekking playgrounds to get down and dirty in—just be sure to have your […]

While Sabah is well known for her spectacular sights and wonders of nature, there is also something else that makes Sabah a destination to-die-for: glorious food! The city capital of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu is teeming with places to eat as well as large varieties of cuisines to sample – ranging from local favourites to international […]

Less than one hour away from Kampung Gombizau is the Sumangkap village (92 kilometers and 2 hours drive away from Kota Kinabalu) which is famous for its gong-making cottage industry. The gong is the most important Rungus musical instrument which is played during festivities and grand occasions such as weddings. The gongs that are sold […]

There are a total of 878 islands in Malaysia and Sabah records the most number of islands with 394 — among these islands, about 182 are still unnamed — which only means that there still more for us to discover! With its beautiful white sandy beaches and azure blue waters, the islands in Sabah are […]

As a melting pot of more than 37 ethnic races throughout the state, Sabah has people of various different religions living together in perfect harmony. The majority of people in Sabah are Muslims (approximately 66 per cent), followed by the Christian community which represents more than 26 per cent and the rest being Buddhists and […]

If you’re looking for a holistic cultural experience in Sabah in conjunction with the Harvest Festival month of May, the Kadazandusun Cultural Association (KDCA) Cultural Village makes an ideal destination. Situated only 15 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu city, a tour around this cultural village will give you an interesting overview of the ethnic groups […]

Looking for an interesting place to sight-see and do your shopping? Head down to Tamu Donggongon and experience a culturally-imbued open air marketplace that is unlike any other! The tamu, which is a local term for open air market, is usually a weekly happening for every district in Sabah. In Donggongon township, the tamu takes […]

Established in 1896, the North Borneo Railway – NBR in short – is one of the main valuable artefacts in Sabah following the British Colonial era. History has it that the railway was built by an English engineer with the help of his assistant who is a Murut man. The North Borneo Railway features a […]

Before Tenom was famous for the aromatic Tenom coffee, it was primarily known as home to the most fearsome warrior tribe Borneo has ever seen: the Timugon Murut people. The Murut were the last of Sabah’s ethnic groups to renounce headhunting, with Antenom (1885-1915) being their most influential and renowned warrior. The Timugon Murut people reside […]