About Rustic Borneo

We are a tour agency specialising in delivering quality holiday packages from travellers from all walks of life — be it families, couples, incentive groups or solo / independent travellers (FITs).

We believe in giving our guests a travel experience of a lifetime, at the same time providing necessary exposure and economic opportunities for the local communities. Our vision is firmly rooted in our passion of sharing the unique Bornean experience with the world, as well as in giving back to its people.

In addition to Borneo, Rustic Borneo also offer high quality travel packages to other destinations in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Get in touch with us through our contact page to plan your adventure of a lifetime!

rustic borneo logo

The meaning of Rustic Borneo logo

Inspired by Sabah’s Rungus tribe’s beading motif called the ‘Tinutub’. The beaded band features multiple colours signifying the diverse cultural make-up of Sabah’s people while the silhouette of Mt. Kinabalu stands tall above it.



We are currently looking for for an Outbound and Ticketing Manager with minimum 5 years of experience.

Please contact us for more information at job@rustic-borneo.com

Philosophy – Rustic Borneo Travel

Rustic Borneo is a tour company focusing on the Malaysian states in Borneo – Sabah and Sarawak. The company offers quality package tours. The tours are a mix of well-known eco-tourism attractions, combined with trekking, wildlife, cultural, and adventure tours in the rural areas. We aim to include the villagers in these areas, as we believe working hand in hand with them, will not only help these people, but at the same time it will also target the responsible traveller and promote and increase the awareness of issues such as deforestation and wildlife protection.

Cruising down the jungle rivers in search of Sabah wildlife

Philosophy – Rustic Borneo Arts & Crafts

Investing in sustainable products and empowering the indigenous people to drive their business to grow and develop. This again will lead our business to be able to supply meaningful products with a story that matters – A story that can enable people to remain and live in small villages with easy access to raw materials from the rainforest and getting their finished products distributed to the world.

More about Rustic Borneo sustainable products.

Sustainable Thinking with Rustic Borneo