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While it’s relatively easy to find free WiFi spots throughout the state at places like Starbucks or your hotel lobby, it’s still handy to know who has the best Prepaid SIM for Internet Data in Sabah, Borneo in places outside cities and the bigger towns. If you’re not visiting Borneo to ‘get away from it all’, worry not, Rustic Borneo […]

Borneo pygmy elephants are on top of the list of must-see wild animals for every wildlife enthusiast keen on a jungle safari in Sabah, Borneo. Borneo pygmy elephants are distinct in their appearance as the smallest of the Asian elephants with larger ears, longer tails and straighter tusks. Perhaps because they are quite tame and passive, Borneo pygmy elephants were […]

At Rustic Borneo we appreciate that you want to maximise your holiday time and get as much as possible out of travelling. That is why, through Rustic Travel, we are offering additional destinations to either combine with your Borneo holiday or to make an entirely new, exciting holiday with. Through our Holiday Package Creator you can now indicate destinations of interest with additional choices, some […]

The Gomantong Caves are included in Rustic Borneo’s comprehensive Sabah holiday itineraries and can be booked as part of your customised Borneo holiday too. Gomantong Forest Reserve The Gomantong Caves are a roughly 2-hour drive from Sandakan, but it’s one of the east coast’s must see destinations easily visited to or from a stay along the Kinabatangan River. Carved out […]

The Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre is included in Rustic Borneo’s comprehensive holiday itineraries and can be booked as part of your customised Borneo holiday too.   Visiting the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre Sepilok orangutan sanctuary is one of Sabah’s biggest tourist attractions, attracting more than 90,000 visitors a year to either one of 2 daily feeding times. It’s the entrance fees from these […]

Mantanani Islands are often overlooked in favour of the much nearer to Kota Kinabalu islands of the TAR Marine Park, but offers an escape worthy of the extra travel time. Possibly named for the dugongs, or manatees, that used to be found there, Mantanani is actually 3 islands consisting of Mantanani Besar (big), Mantanani Kecil […]

North Borneo Railway is a niche attraction in Kota Kinabalu. As Borneo’s only remaining steam locomotive, the British Vulcan steam engine attracts train-spotters from far and wide in addition to tourists eager to experience old-school train transportation. Dating back to the 1900’s when Sabah, then called North Borneo, was just developing, the modern incarnation of […]

Sabah sunsets are a magical, daily occurrences and, as somebody who lives here and gets to see it most nights, I can tell you it never gets old. I guess everybody thinks that the sunset in their hometown is the best, but so many people refer to Sabah sunsets as “the most beautiful sunset in […]

Sabah has a long list of public holidays, which could increase on occasion should the state feel another holiday is in order for, example, a worthy national achievement. The good news is that due to the cultural diversity of Sabah’s population, from a tourist point of view, a public holiday almost never affects your fun. […]